New & Improved Initial Glow Factor

The new and improved Nightlite glow products are constructed from a non-radioactive chemical light source and are specially engineered from a flexible acrylic substrate that glows in total darkness after exposure to light. Also now available is a 1 ply version (.020") LaserThinGlow with adhesive.


Micro-surfaced ABS (except NIGHTLITES reverse surface) high impact acrylic
Sheet Size:
24" x 24"
Front & Reverse gauge is .060". LaserThin Glow 1-ply w/ adhesive is .030"
Interior/Exterior Signage
Engraving Methods:
Laser Engrave (NIGHTLITES front surface only.)
Rotating Carbide
Cutting Depth:
.003" NIGHTLITES front
.022" NIGHTLITES reverse
Color SwatchesProperties
Physical PropertiesTypical ValuesASTM Method
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Inch/inch/°F3.8 x 10-5D-696
Deflection Temperature
Temperature at which material deflects .010" (.254mm) at 264 psi170°F (53.926°C)D-648
Flexural Strength
Loan to stretch outer surface 5%7,000 psiD-790
IZOD Impact Strength
Notched at 73°F (22.777°C)1.2 ft lbs/inD-256
Notched at 32°F (0°C).7 ft lbs/inD-256
Rockwell Hardness
R99, L77D-785
Tensile Strength
To break5,400 psiD-638
Elongation before break35%D-638