EZ Rider

  • For stationary diamond drag, diamond glass engraving, rotary diamond burnishing and curved surfaces
  • Heavy Duty feather-weight will allow much more flexibility in your engraving by increasing the distance your cutter can travel. Three different tension springs for pressure adjustment
  • Collet feather-weight also available
  • EZ-Rider - An economical burnishing attachment. Easy to set pressure and depth control
Shank Standard Heavy Duty EZ-Rider
1/8" FW-125 FW-125-HD EZ-125
11/64" FW-171 FW-171-HD EZ-171-XOT
1/4" FW-250 FW-250-HD EZ-250

Adjuster Cutter Knob

  • Easy micrometer adjustment for fine depth setting
  • Replaces standard cutter head knob. Adjusts engraving depth from the top
1/8" 11/64" 1/4"
ADJ-1255 ADJ-171 ADJ-250

Pen Writer

  • Ideal for drawing out engraving jobs to proof text and placement of text
  • Writes on most products, at any angle (ie; watch backs, tapes, paper)
  • Uses Fisher pressurized refills
  • Fits into any top-loading of collet spindle and is spring loaded to compensate for variations in writing surfaces
11/64" x 7" 1/4" x 7"
PEN-171 PEN-250

Cutter Accessories

Description Part No.
Metric Cutter Wrench 999-WRM
Set Screw for standard cutter head knob 999-SCR
1/8" Brass cutter head knob KNB-125
11/64" Brass cutter head knob KNB-171
1/4" Brass cutter head knob KNB-250
1/8" Plastic cutter tip protector TPS-125
11/64" Plastic cutter tip protector TPS-171
1/4" Plastic cutter tip protector TPS-250


Holding Jigs & Clamps

Holding Jigs Part No.
Name Plate Jig (9" long) A) KK-909-000
Pens or Name Plates (4" long plastic) B) KK-906-PLA
Jewellery & Name Plates C) KK-965-000
Watches and Lighters D) KK-966-000
Irregular Shape Jig E) KK-911-000

Versa Vice Clamp

Description Part No.
  • Allows you to fully utilize your T-slot table
  • Adapts to most tables with at least one inch clearance under spindle
  • Can be used alone or with above jigs to hold a variety of parts
F) XOT-X2000

Seizer Clamp

Description Part No.
  • Unique design provides just the right amount of clamping without buckling the plate or letting it slip under
  • Clamps material securely on ALL T-Slot tables
  • Provides consistent pressure against tables
  • Reversible use for clamping thin or thick material
G) SZR-000