Fall Sports Products

It’s game time at UNISUB and our starting lineup includes the perfect gifts to outfit any man-cave, bar or sports fan. Fans can represent their favorite team or player with personalized key chains, magnets and keepsake ornaments. Football coasters can adorn any pub table or home, for the ultimate barstool quarterback experience. White ribbons are included with the 2-sided keepsake products.



UNI-COA-FTB Football coaster 4.45"x3.125" 113,0x79,4 40
AS45C-20C-FTB Football magnet 4"x2.75" 101,6x69,8 50
AS45C-ORN-FTB Football keepsake ornament 4"x2.75" 101,6x69,8 50
AS45C-20C-HM-KT Helmet key chain 2.14"x2.75" 54,3x69,8 50
AS45C-ORN-FTBH Helmet keepsake ornament 3.53"x2.75" 89,6x69,8 50
AS45C-20C-ST-KT Stein Keychain 2.06"x2.74" 52,3x69,5 50
AS45C-ORN-STN Stein Keepsake 3.95"x2.97" 100,3x75,4 50
AS45C-20C-TS-KT T-Shirt Keychain 2.77"x2.5" 70,3x63,5 50
AS45C-20C-TSH T-Shirt Magnet 2.77"x2.5" 70,3x63,5 50
AS45C-ORN-TSH T-Shirt Keepsake Ornament 3.88"x3.5" 98,5x88,9 50
AS45C-20C-RD-KT Round Key Chain     50