Laser Rubber/Stamps Kit

LAS-RBR-KIT2 - Rubber stamp kit (11 pcs.)

  • 6 self-inkers (4 rectangle, 1 circle, 1 Eco)
  • 2 sheets of Laser rubber (1 red, 1 grey)
  • 1 sheet of Polymer rubber
  • 2 bottles of ink (red & black, 2 oz.)


LAS-RBR-KIT3 - Rubber stamp kit (20 pcs.)


Eco Line No Odour Laser Rubber

.090" (2.3 mm) thick, 8.27" x 11.4" sheet


100% environment-friendly product, created entirely from natural ingredients.

  • Free of smell
  • Eco-friendly, natural laser rubber
  • Colour is derived exclusively from natural dyes
  • Outstanding engraving and impression quality

Odourless Laser Rubber

.110" thick, 8¼" x 12¾" sheet

LR-811G-NO - Grey

Odourless Rubber - all the benefits of standard rubber without the odour! A superior product with excellent ink pick-up and transfer. LAZRCLEAN is recommended for cleaning odourless rubber after engraving.

Laser Rubber

.110" thick, 8¼" x 11¾" sheet

LR815R - Red
LR815G - Grey

Standard Laser Rubber engraves easily with the laser - air assist or back- sweep options minimize flaming and keep rubber sheet cleaner. Laser cut individual stamps.

Cleaning with air hose or LAZRCLEAN is recommended. The rubber has a durometer (hardness) and resilience that provides
great impressions every time.

Low Odour Laser Polymer

.110" thick, 8" x 12" sheet

LP-812-CLR - Clear

Low Odour Laser Polymer is a great alternative to standard rubber. Engraves 30 - 40% faster than standard rubber.

LAZRCLEAN is required for cleaning polymer to remove residue after engraving. (#LAS-CLN-BTL - LAZRCLEAN, 16 oz bottle)