Cutters & Gravers

  • 100% SOLID MICRO-GRAIN CARBIDE engraving cutters engineered for strength and wear-resistance
  • Will not RUST, BEND or TWIST
  • Shank CANNOT be damaged from Cutter Knob Set Screw
  • High precision gauging and inspection of all cutters
  • Provides the best possible cut, with minimum vibration and tool wear
  • Cutters and diamond gravers for all popular engraving machines
  • "Specialized" cutter requests welcomed
  • "GOLD STANDARD" titanium nitride coating reduces heat build-up. Higher speeds and feeds, better and more engraving, fewer cutter changes. Reduced cutter deflection, 3-5 times normal edge life
  • Resharpened "GOLD STANDARD" cutters outlast uncoated cutters 2-3 times

Solid Micro-Grain Carbide Cutters - Cutter Tip Chart (Engraved Letter Height)

Recommended cutter TIP for single stroke characters. Specify TIP size required using this chart.

  • This chart, illustrates the most commonly used letter height and tip width selections for single stroke characters.
  • Maximum stroke width for 1/8" shank cutter is .125, for 11/64" shank is .171 and for 1/4" shank is .250.

CUTTER SHANK SIZE - 3 sizes CC1=1/8" shank x 4-1/2", CC2=11/64" shank x 6-1/2", CC3=1/4" shank x 6-1/2"

1/8" X 4-1/2" Dahlgren® System One®, Wizzard®, New Hermes® I-M, IL-II, ILK-II
11/64" x 6-1/2" Xenetech, Newing-Hall® (Domiteaux), Meistergram® (H-Square), New Hermes® ITX, ITF-II, ITK-II, GTX Universal and Computer engravers, Dahlgren® System One Burnishing attachments or chip remover
1/4" x 6-1/2" Xenetech, Newing-Hall® (Domiteaux), Meistergram® (H-Square), New Hermes® IRX-IV, IRX-KIV, Dahlgren® System One, System Two, 10, 300, 500, Mark 12
4 mm x 110 mm Scripta® 'S' Model, MC-2 Beveller
6 mm x160 mm Scripta® 'G' Model
1/8" x 1" Scott® SM 100, 300, 400, 500, Kantograph PM-3, PM-5