FlexiENGRAVE 8 Software

FlexiENGRAVE is state of the art software for precision engraving, built from FlexiSIGN, the world’s most advanced sign making software. FlexiENGRAVE maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich engraving capabilities with ease of use you can handle. From the most complex designs, to simple name tags, FlexiENGRAVE will complete your project economically, intuitively, and with incredible speed.

FlexiENGRAVE can create an Island, Hatch, Profile, or Hole fill in seconds. No matter what your design is, you can create an optimized fill. Using the Verify Toolpaths command, you can even preview the fill, and visualize on-screen what your design will look like after it is engraved.

FlexiENGRAVE uses high speed calculations with optimized tool motion to reduce output time. Fills are automatically regenerated as objects are resized or modified.

FlexiENGRAVE can create the perfect inset or offset to compensate for the tool diameter.

FlexiENGRAVE not only allows you to specify the total depth, but also allows you to create a stepdown for multiple pass fills. You can even create a depth-nose friendly fill. FlexiENGRAVE will automatically calculate the number of passes necessary according to your specifications.

Profile Fill

Used for stroke fonts, or male/female cutouts with offset compensation and an option to leave a gap. The round corners option can be used for inlays. The fill also includes depth control with Stepdown.

Island Fill

FlexiENGRAVE’s Island Fill feature is unique in that it does not require a finishing pass. This fill allows you to set the overlap and has a depth nose option. There is also an automatic inset.

Hatch Fill

The Hatch Fill’s zigzag pattern takes an incredibly short amount of time to compute. You can set engraving angles and overlaps with this fill which also includes a depth nose option.

Hole Fill

The Hole Fill feature is most often used for Braille. When using this fill, your engraver places a hole at the center of each object along its path. It also allows you to place holes along a perimeter or inside an object’s path.

FlexiENGRAVE comes with dozens of high-quality stroke fonts. The set includes single and multiline stroke fonts, all of which were created specifically for engraving.

Signs with exact ADA specifications can be created using FlexiENGRAVE’s Braille feature. This feature includes Grade 2 Braille, and text is automatically created to the exact standard format specified by the ADA. You can even spell-check Braille signs using Flexi’s built-in spell checker. Braille can be specified to use the California standard.

Perfect for a list of names or room number plates, and other jobs that need to be ordered sequentially. Simply create the master design, and FlexiENGRAVE will automatically create the plates in the numerical range specified or based on a text file.

To maximize the space and minimize waste on your material, FlexiENGRAVE will take each object, character or text block, and place it so there is a minimum amount of space between each one. You can save time engraving, as well as save money on materials.

Ever get tired of constantly setting up tool diameters, colors, etc.? FlexiENGRAVE gives you a fully editable tool library, so you can store the perfect set-up for every tool you use. Each tool is color coded, so when you create a path, you can visually see which tool you used.

With FlexiENGRAVE's toolpath simulation feature, you can see an on-screen preview of what your finished product will look like, based on the tool you selected.