Canadian Engravers Supply Company represents Xentech Computerized Rotary Engraving Systems because of the versatile range of machines that truly perform.

Each system comes complete with the acclaimed Xenetech Graphic Workstation™ Software, a powerful, user-friendly, Windows™ -based application that runs all your jobs smoother and faster - and drives all Xenetech systems - while giving you line-by-line and character-by-character engraving control through the use of a portable pendant.

With quality hardware and electronics and remarkable software (with free updates for life), purchasing a Xenetech Rotary Engraver is a great investment.

XOT Star 912 Rotary Engraving System

This 9" x 12" tabletop model with adjustable T-slot has the durability and versatility you demand from larger systems, plus super portability at a price that's budget-friendly.

XOT 1313-Rotary

Big-time features in a smaller-format machine. Pound for pound, it's the strongest engraver in our line, a winning combination of power, performance and cost-effectiveness.

XOT 1625-Rotary

If you're looking for a mid-sized system that hits the target every time, this is the sure shot. The 1625 is a rugged, precise workhorse with the largest engraving area in its class

XOT 2525-Rotary

Our 2525 expands the capabilities of the mid-range engraving class, providing a significant step up in size over our 1625.

XOT 2550-Rotary

Put 1,250 square inches of engraving power and technology in your hands with the 2550 - the largest rotary engraving system on the market.