Mounting Fixtures

Clamper™ Wall Mounting Fixture

Robust contemporary alternative to stand-offs that accepts a wide range of material thicknesses for secure mounting. Eliminates the need to drill through substrates. Available in lengths up to 36? for large format applications.


    A unique method to display flag, ceiling and table top signage. Can be use as a display shelf by mounting horizontally on the wall.

      Fisso® Uniplus Style™

      Uniquely designed panel support system that can conveniently adjust to the thickness of wall, ceiling or flag mounted signage.

        Fisso® Button™

        The Button™ sandwich panel connector holds two or more sheets of material together on the bottom edge of flag and suspended signage. Button can also be used simply as a decorative piece to create a finished look.

          Zip® Dacapo™ Grip Strip

          Zip® Dacapo™ is a grip strip bar that allows you to insert paper or thin gauge plastic to display temporary information or art. The Dacapo™ works with an internal rubber roll that grabs the paper and releases it by pulling it toward you, then down gently.

            Digi® IX Bond™

            The IX Bond® panel connector cleverly allows you to connect panels at varying angles for dimensional displays and tight spaces. Assemble 3D structures in different shapes using the 60, 90 and 135 degree connectors or create linear displays with the 180 degree connector. Mount the screw through either side of the connector for easy assembly.