Cable Systems

Meridian™ Suspension Cable Systems

This system offers a convenient solution for suspended ceiling mounted signage in compliance with interior design requirements. System is ready to accept your signage or display substrate. No holes required in signage substrate.

    Fisso® Lasso™

    Lasso™ is a quick and economical holder for steel cable for suspended displays or signage. Simply loop your steel cable through the hole and securely fasten into the Lasso hardware with screws.

      Fisso® Univers™

      A cable suspension and panel support system for secure, reliable mounting.

        Fisso® Hook™

        Simple, yet innovative, the Hook™ is a perfect option for hanging signage or artwork. Use one
        Hook or string several together to create a different look each time. Hook can be used in
        any application from large museum installations to hospital donor walls to artwork hung at home.