Xterior Outdoor Frames

Precision mitered from a premium aluminum alloy, XTERIOR is suitable for outdoor applications. Available in two 'Hard-coat' anodized colors, Satin Yellow Gold and Satin Silver, each frame is hand assembled utilizing stamped stainless steel corner angles. Typical usages include, departmental signage, directional/wayfinding signage and informational signage.

  • 1/8" wall thickness.
  • Frames designed to accommodate materials with thicknesses of 1/16" to 5/16".
  • Minimum size 3" x 3".
  • Maximum size 36" x 36".
  • Anodized colors: Satin Yellow Gold or Satin Silver - hardcoat finish adds durability to the wear of the frame material.
  • Mounting Options: double sided tape, silicon adhesive, mechanically fastened (recommended). Mounting hardware is not included.
  • Holes provided upon request.
  • Always specify inside dimension.