Designer Plastic Frames

Our DESIGNER FRAME SYSTEM is designed for quality interior signage. Several unique features offered by this system will make designing and mounting interior signage simple!

  • Ten sizes in six colors: Pewter, White, Medium Grey, Almond, Brown, and Black.
  • All sizes are multiples of 24" x 48" sheets, giving the maximum yield out of sign materials.
  • Completely supports 1/16" material so that multiple plates can be used as mini-directories or divided sign messages.
  • Plates can be mounted with adhesive-backed 3M DUAL LOCK™ or Sign Snap so that they are tamper resistant but still removable with a suction cup.
  • Plates can be permanently mounted to inside of frames with adhesives or two sided transfer tape.
  • Keyhole mounting for permanent or removable frames.
  • Pin system that mounts into a frame for hanging frames from fabric office partitions.
  • Base that snaps into a 2" x 8" and 2" x 10" frame for a handsome desk sign.
  • Double sided frames with corridor bracket.
  • Corridor bracket mounts with two piece bracket for concealed screws.

Designer Wall / Desk Holder

Frame Size Almond Black Lt. Grey Med. Grey Brown
2" x 4" 91-024A 91-024B 91-024P 91-024G 91-024R
2" x 8" 91-028A 91-028B 91-028P 91-028G 91-028R
2" x 10" 91-210A 91-210B 91-210P 91-210G 91-210R
4" x 4" 91-044A 91-044B 91-044P 91-044G 91-044R
4" x 8" 91-048A 91-048B 91-048P 91-048G 91-048R
4" x 12" 91-412A 91-412B 91-412P 91-412G 91-412R
6" Desk Base 91-000A 91-000B 91-000P 91-000G 91-000R
6" x 6" 91-066A 91-066B 91-066P 91-066G 91-066R
6" x 12" 91-612A 91-612B 91-612P 91-612G 91-612R
8" x 8" 91-088A 91-088B 91-088P 91-088G 91-088R
12" x 12" 91-122A 91-122B 91-122P 91-122G 91-122R

Suction Cups

Part No. Size Description
SUC-000 1-1/2" dia. Used for removing plates from holders.
SUC-175 1-3/4" dia. Metal hanger for hanging signs on windows.

Wire Clips

  • Insert thru the back of Designer and Designer II frames which will be used to
    mount onto fabric office partitions.
Part No. Size Description
99W-350 3-1/2" For frames 6" and under.
99W-600 6" For frames 8" and under.


Double-sided Corridor Brackets

  • Corridor bracket mounts in two places with concealed screws. (Included)
Frame Size Almond Black Lt. Grey Med. Grey Brown
2" x 10" 92-210A 92-210B 92-210P 92-210G 92-210R
4" x 12" 92-412A 92-412B 92-412P 92-412G 92-412R
6" x 6" 92-066A 92-066B 92-066P 92-066G 92-066R
6" x 12" 92-612A 92-612B 92-612P 92-612G 92-612R
8" x 8" 92-088A 92-088B 92-088P 92-088G 92-088R
12" x 12" 92-122A 92-122B 92-122P 92-122G 92-122R