Formulated specifically to take advantage of Epson’s® advanced digital printing technology, ChromaBlast is a professional heat transfer ink solution for cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. Paired with ChromaBlast transfer media, ChromaBlast inks produce vibrant, full-color, lasting images that look, feel and breathe like nothing else on the market.

Picture Perfect Digital Decoration

  • Reliable High-Speed Production – Business class print engines deliver up to 40 prints/hour
  • Profits On Demand – Zero setup, print one or one hundred
  • Budget Smart Startup Costs – Systems as low as $450
  • Impressive Product Margins – Image cost as low as $1.09
  • Extreme Versatility – Print full-color images on a wide variety of cotton products
  • High Quality – Soft, vibrant prints with superior washability
  • Easy – User-friendly print driver and color management software

Fast, Low-Cost, and Hassle-Free Short Run Garment Printing

Print and press up to 40 garments per hour! Compared to direct-to-garment, screen printing or print-cut vinyl, ChromaBlast provides you with by far the lowest startup cost of any professional garment printing system. With no fuss, no muss and free user-friendly software, ChromaBlast is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use system.


Extreme Color

Specially formulated to take advantage of the superior Epson photo printing technology, ChromaBlast delivers extremely vibrant colors that OEM inks simply cannot match.


Superior Washability

Other digital transfers may initially look ok, but only ChromaBlast has commercial quality color-fastness. Keep your customers coming back with prints that stand up to repeated washings, time and time again.


Incredibly Soft Image Feel

Don’t settle for the rubbery feel of print-cut vinyl or conventional transfer paper. Especially after one washing, ChromaBlast leaves only a vibrant tattoo like image that feels like it’s part of the cotton.


ChromaBlast PowerDriver

The ChromaBlast PowerDriver makes printing beautiful transfers a breeze. Powerful features enable users to easily optimize color output for photographs, vector graphics or spot colors. You are no longer limited to OEM driver capabilities or a single ICC profile. Plus, ChromaBlast PowerDriver handles routine and otherwise tedious printing options, like mirror image, automatically.


ColorSure Palette

When loaded into your design software, ColorSure Palette enables you to control how your image will look once transferred. Whether you are matching a customer’s spot color or creating new designs, simply fill the solid portions of your artwork with a color from the palette, and you will achieve the correct colors. With handy features like Color Finder you can even create a custom palette that can be saved and used on future jobs!



PartnerPlus is our comprehensive user support program and includes: Real-time product support, color management software support, full product warranty, and technical phone support for printers under OEM warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!