Brass & Aluminum Oxidants

Aluminum Oxidant

Blackens engraved letters.
4 oz.

Brass Oxidant

Blackens engraved letters.
4 oz.

Green Engravers Lube

Green Engravers Lube

Lubrication for rotary engraving on metals.
Extends cutter life.
Non-oily cutter coolant.
Washes with water.
4 oz.


Part No.: Tri-100

  • Superior lubrication contains Teflon™.
  • Penetrates and protects without gumming up.
  • Can be used on both manual and computerized machines.
  • Lubricates Equipment: rails and leak screws.
  • Petroleum-based.
  • 12 oz. can

Super Lube


Part No.: #LUB-000 (11 oz. 311g Aerosol Can)
Part No.: #LUB-TBE (25 oz. 7ml tube)

  • Multi-Purpose Synthetic Lubricant with Syncolon (PTFE).
  • Prevents friction and wear.
  • Cleans and penetrates, then evaporates, leaving a long-lasting film of lubricant.
  • Last 4 times longer than petroleum based lubricants.
  • Reduces maintenance and service requirements.
  • Withstands temperature: -45°F to 450°F / -40°C to 232°C.
  • Recommended for Xenetech™ Engraving Machines.