JRS Holders

Traditional Holders

Traditional holders for desks, counters, walls and doors enhance the signs that serve you daily.

Designer Plastic Frames

Our DESIGNER FRAME SYSTEM is designed for quality interior signage. Several unique features offered by this system will make designing and mounting interior signage simple!

Designer2 Plastic Frames

Our DESIGNER2 FRAME SYSTEM is designed for quality interior signage. Several unique features offered by this system will make designing and mounting interior signage simple!

Architectural Aluminum

Specialty requirements for room identification and control are accomplished with these unique frames. They feature built-in changeable messages, magnetic changeable signs and frames with dividers. Frames can also be made into unique desk bars as well as virtually any custom shape.

Premier and Premier Plus

Precision mitered from an extrusion of premium alloy in three professional styles - Bevelled, Radiused, and Boxed - makes this sign system a top of the line favorite. Each style has several features that make professional signs simple.

Euro Sign System

The Euro Sign System with 20 popular sizes in 5 anodized colors is designed to make tamper resistant signs and directories. The clean lines of both the 3/8" round and 3/8" square extrusions make an attractive, functional, inexpensive solution to interior signage.

Decorative Bars & Rails

Four sizes of decorative bars create bold metallic borders for your signs. Formats of top and bottom or left and right sides are available. One can use equal size bars or mix two different sizes. All four sizes can be made in to a complete four-sided frame, and all formats can snap in a matte clear lens.

Curved Frames

nnovative and cost effective. Curves adds a whole new dimension to sign frames. Available in 27 popular sizes and 9 anodized colors, Curves has many applications including personnel signs, room identification and direction wayfinding signs. Curves can be mounted to a wall or partition, hung from the ceiling with fixed bracket or wire, flag mounted or used as a desk signholder ...CURVES... literally, the options end only with your imagination!

Accessories and Supplies

JRS accessories and sign supplies make working with signage easy. Whether using a reliable 1 1/2" suction cup to remove a sign panel, a clear plastic hanger to display a nameplate or our very own Sign Snap for changeable message frames, JRS has what you need!

Flex Frames

Attractive, functional and flexible, FLEX is a tamper resistant sign frame option that can be utilized for virtually any interior signage application. Square side rails with finished ends use a mix of our wall brackets that slide into the rails and are secured with a setscrew combination offering a wide range of signage options while maintaining ease of maintenance and changeability. FLEX can be mounted using magnets inside of our other frame systems* to make simple personnel signs or directories. Available in 5 anodized colors: Satin Silver, Polished Silver, Matte Black, Polished Yellow Gold and Polished Rose Gold.

Xterior Outdoor Frames

Precision mitered from a premium aluminum alloy, XTERIOR is suitable for outdoor applications. Available in two 'Hard-coat' anodized colors, Satin Yellow Gold and Satin Silver, each frame is hand assembled utilizing stamped stainless steel corner angles. Typical usages include, departmental signage, directional/wayfinding signage and informational signage.