Multi-Mat Plus™

Multi-Mat Plus™ is a silicone-like product used to hold down thin materials, as well as items with "peel-and- stick" adhesive backing applied. Tape will not normally hold down these items.

Multi-Mat Plus™ will last for many years under normal use. The permanently tack surface renews itself when wiped off with a bit of soap and warm water. If you engrave thin materials or laser foils, Multi-Mat Plus™ will hold the material flat and in focus.

Style Item # Size
2-Sided TKM2-612 6" x 12"
TKM2-912 9" x 12"
TKM2-122 12" x 12"
TKM2-124 12" x 24"



This greaseless clear product is recommended for use with products that will require adhesive to be applied after engraving.

SEKLEMA™ is a 2-sided material designed to hold materials on your engraving table without the use of tape or jigs. SEKLEMA™ works with both metal and plastic, as well as many other materials designed for engraving. SEKLEMA™ is re-usable, non-stick material that can be easily cleaned with only a soft sponge and water.

Style Item # Size
2-Sided TKM2-C122 12" x 12"
TKM2-C124 12" x 24"